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Businesses yet to fully utilise Office 365 apps

Matt Blowes  January 30, 2018 Cloud Services, Office 365

Businesses are being encouraged to allow their staff to explore Office 365 apps, and update processes to better match the productivity features available.

Queensland law firms facing cyber attacks every day

Matt Blowes  January 19, 2018 Security, Legal

Queensland law firms are being deliberately targeted by online criminals who are willing to develop one-on-one relationships with their targets.

Windows updates blocked on PCs using anti-virus software incompatible with Meltdown fix

Matt Blowes  January 11, 2018 Security

Computers with third-party anti-virus software that is not compatible with Microsoft's Meltdown & Spectre patches will not receive any future Windows updates.

Meltdown and Spectre flaws: What you need to know

Matt Blowes  January 09, 2018 Security

Figuratively every device in the world is vulnerable to a couple of new processor flaws. Here's quick info on how they differ from typical security threats.