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Two key reasons why anti-malware has overtaken anti-virus

Matt Blowes  November 29, 2017 Managed Services, Security, Sentrian One

The security provided by anti-virus software is not what it once was. See how anti-malware has developed to meet today's threats.

Amazon Australia set for imminent launch

Matt Blowes  November 22, 2017 IT Trends

Years of hype and speculation may soon be realised. Amazon Australia is reportedly notifying third party re-sellers to prepare for customer orders.

New ransomware attack hits Australian email accounts

Matt Blowes  November 10, 2017 Security

Malicious emails posing as Origin Energy, PayPal & Netflix have targeted Australian email accounts in a new, massive campaign.

How-to change your Windows password

James Fletcher  November 08, 2017 How To, Sentrian #AMA

Don't let your Windows password expiry over the holidays. See how you can update your password in seconds with our quick guide.

New Office 365 scam email targeting Australia

Matt Blowes  November 03, 2017 Security, Office 365

Australian's are being targeted by a new phishing email scam that tries to steal their login information. See a sample of the scam email here.

Business downtime the largest threat posed by ransomware

Matt Blowes  November 01, 2017 Security

A new report reveals how damaging ransomware is increasing around the world, and how it is putting the businesses it infects in danger.