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iPhone X, Note8, Pixel 2: Australian phone buying guide 2017

Matt Blowes  October 31, 2017 Technology, Hardware, IT Trends

Apple, Google & Samsung have released their new phones for the year. Here's our round-up of the reviews and what to consider when purchasing.

Wi-Fi left vulnerable due to KRACK flaw

Matt Blowes  October 25, 2017 Security

A new flaw in a widely used Wi-Fi security standard named KRACK has left devices and networks vulnerable. Here's a quick Q&A to get you up-to-date.

People + Technology is the key to business innovation

James Sowry  October 19, 2017 IT Trends, Opinion

Technology fuels business innovation but only when placed in the hands of individuals given the freedom and time to ask 'how can this be improved?'.

Chrome displays new warning on 'not secure' websites

Matt Blowes  October 18, 2017 Security

Google's new alert warns users when the information they're sharing isn't secure, but the new 'not secure' warning doesn't guarantee websites are 100% safe.

How to actually turn off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth in iOS 11

Matt Blowes  October 17, 2017 How To

Despite appearances, turning off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth in the iOS 11 Control Centre does not disable them completely. See how to properly turn them off.

Stay smart online one step at a time

James Sowry  October 08, 2017 Security

Sentrian is partnering with Stay Smart Online to promote Stay Smart Online Week – a national initiative dedicated to boosting Australia’s cyber resilience.

Legal Tech: What is artificial intelligence?

Matt Blowes  October 05, 2017 Technology, Legal

Artificial intelligence may cause a revolution in the legal profession. We look at where it currently is and the roles its already starting to fill.