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Get started with Office 365 apps

Matt Blowes  July 28, 2017 How To, Office 365

Find a missing feature in Microsoft Office or take a quick refresher in seconds with Microsoft's Office basics series.

Microsoft Office Licensing Guide 2017

Matt Blowes  July 26, 2017 Cloud Services, Office 365

Purchasing Microsoft Office can be anything from a split second decision to a large project. See our guide on where to start and how to get the best value.

Microsoft 365 simplifies business licensing

Matt Blowes  July 14, 2017 Cloud Services, Managed Services

Learn about the highly anticipated new Microsoft 365 - a business subscription from Microsoft that includes both Office and Windows.

A short history of computer viruses

Alex Uhde  July 05, 2017 Security

Systems Engineer Alex Uhde explores the history of computer viruses to explain where the latest 'WannaCry' & 'NotPetya' attacks came from and how they work.

How-to forward a suspicious email to the Service Desk

David Donaldson  July 05, 2017 Sentrian #AMA

Only forwarding a suspicious email will not help us prevent block spam emails in future. Learn how you can help fight spam by forwarding email as an attachment.