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New data breach notification laws for Australian businesses

Matt Blowes  March 31, 2017 IT Trends, Legal

Australia's new data breach notification laws come into effect Feb-2018. For businesses required to comply with the Privacy Act, here's what you need to know.

The story of a ticket

Graeme Wilson  March 28, 2017 Sentrian One

You've got an IT issue and you've reported it, but where does it go? We show you how a ticket is created and how it helps.

Legal chatbot now helping refugees

Matt Blowes  March 16, 2017 Legal

Automated legal services bot DoNotPay is helping would-be refugees submit asylum claims by using simple English on a platform accessible to billions.

End of Office 2007, Windows Vista approaching

Matt Blowes  March 07, 2017 IT Trends, Security

Microsoft is dropping security and bug support for Office 2007 and Windows Vista, leaving computers still running the software vulnerable to attacks.

Help! I think I clicked on malware! What now?

Marvin Tumbagahan  March 02, 2017 Sentrian #AMA

You've clicked on an email & now something's not right. This Sentrian #AMA outlines how to tell if it's a malware attack and what you should do about it.