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Ransomware unlocks your files... if you help infect your friends

Matt Blowes  December 14, 2016 Security

Victims of the 'Popcorn Time' malware are promised their files will be unlocked if they successfully infect two of their friends' computers.

Easy Christmas gifts for 2016 and one to avoid

Matt Blowes  December 07, 2016 IT Trends

Our round-up of a few easy Christmas gift ideas for 2016 with one present you may want to avoid giving this holiday season.

OfficeMaps links people with resources

Matt Blowes  December 05, 2016

OfficeMaps offers quick, natural language answers to everyday office management questions. Learn how your office spaces can be visualised using simple data.

The Australian Signals Directorate guide to avoiding malicious email

Matt Blowes  December 01, 2016 Security

IT pros and typical users alike can learn vital tips on how to effectively protect themselves and their office from dangerous emails.