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Queensland offers up to $10k for small business digital projects

Matt Blowes  November 23, 2016 Digital Strategy, Improvement

The Queensland Government is offering up to $10,000 to small businesses who invest in new digital technology or services.

Top 3 phones leading into 2017

Matt Blowes  November 17, 2016 Hardware, IT Trends

Struggling to choose a new phone? Feeling generous this Christmas? See our round-up of the stand-out phones released in 2016.

Microsoft Teams takes on Slack for office communications

Matt Blowes  November 08, 2016 Collaboration, IT Trends

For a while, Slack has been the clear winner in the battle to eliminate email. Now Microsoft Teams is in the race, and for many won't cost an extra cent.

Microsoft takes the innovation flag from Apple

Matt Blowes  November 02, 2016 Technology, Hardware, IT Trends, Opinion

When it comes to PC innovation, Microsoft looks to be in the drivers seat while Apple is arguably introducing change for it's own sake.