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Sentrian staffer a friend to others in need

James Sowry  October 26, 2016 Sentrian One

Sentrian's Operations Support Coordinator Trish Jones applies her many skills in helping survivors of domestic violence as a Friends with Dignity volunteer.

New IT solutions take people power

Matt Blowes  October 26, 2016 Technology

Boosting productivity with new systems and technology is only half the story. Getting staff up to speed and prepared is the other.

Sentrian deploys the Jabra Pro 935

Matt Blowes  October 17, 2016 Hardware, Opinion

Our Service Desk has upgraded it's headsets to the wireless Jabra Pro 935. Find out what we like, what to consider and whether we recommend it.

How legal firms begin to update their processes

Matt Blowes  October 06, 2016 IT Trends, Legal

Law firm leaders are ready to move on from out-dated processes however they're faced with a problem: finding a starting point. Learn where to start.