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Windows Server 2016 available in October with Docker included

Matt Blowes  September 28, 2016 Managed Services

Microsoft have announced Windows Server 2016 - the first major update in three years - will be available sometime this month.

Office 365 receives exclusive Tap and productivity features

Matt Blowes  September 28, 2016 Cloud Services

Drop in graphs, images, slides and more in only a few clicks in Outlook and Word. Find out more about new productivity features exclusive to Office 365.

Unsend email with Outlook and Gmail

Matt Blowes  September 21, 2016 Collaboration, How To

Find yourself regretting hitting send after hastily writing up an email? Find out how you can take it all back before it arrives in the recipient's inbox.

Guests can now join Office 365 groups

Matt Blowes  September 19, 2016 Cloud Services, Collaboration

Microsoft have announced guests will soon be able to join private Office 365 Groups. See the new feature in action before it goes live.

Starting out with Remote Desktop

Matt Blowes  September 13, 2016 Cloud Services, How To, Managed Services

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) allows your business to have a unified, consistent experience for its employees. Here's when we recommend it & why.

Apple launches iPhone 7 without standard audio jack

Matt Blowes  September 07, 2016 Hardware, IT Trends

Find out the features of the new iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus, including Apple's controversial audio decision and when the phones will be available in Australia