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Prepare for disaster before the storm season hits

Matt Blowes  August 31, 2016 Backup and Disaster Recovery, Managed Services, Sentrian One

A disaster recovery plan can offer your business certainty in a time of crisis. All it takes to start is knowing what your business wants to protect.

Intel's Kaby Lake processor launches, expect new portables soon

Matt Blowes  August 31, 2016 Hardware

Intel have unveiled the next generation of it's Core brand processor, Kaby Lake. Portable devices will be the first to feature the new CPUs.

Automate legal emails with Microsoft's Quick Parts

Matt Blowes  August 24, 2016 How To, Legal

Microsoft Quick Parts are an useful tool that can speed up and automate drafting across the Microsoft Office suite. Find out how to get started here.

IT Definitions Database

Matt Blowes  August 17, 2016 How To, IT Trends, Legal

Here's a collection of simplified definitions to assist you in understanding technical products, services and trends in the IT and legal-IT industries.

Microsoft clarifies Windows 7 support end-date for Intel users

Matt Blowes  August 17, 2016 Technology, Managed Services

Microsoft now says support for Windows 7 on current Intel processors will continue beyond July 2017, despite earlier saying otherwise.

Say hello to Sentrian at ALPMA Summit 2016!

Matt Blowes  August 09, 2016 News & Announcements, Legal

Say hello to Sentrian at ALPMA Summit 2016!

Robots can now build homes as Australia goes automated

Matt Blowes  August 09, 2016 Technology, Improvement, IT Trends

Automation is leaving the drawing-board and entering the mainstream with this prototype of a bricklaying robot.

Scammers target users by posing as the Federal Court

Matt Blowes  August 04, 2016 Security

Criminals are tricking unsuspecting people by posing as the Federal Circuit Court of Australia with a malicious email posing as a notice to appear in court.

Privacy tips for businesses from Census 2016

Matt Blowes  August 03, 2016 IT Trends, Security

Learn how data privacy concerns between clients and businesses can be relieved by sticking to established good IT practices.