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Can you pick the real email from the scam?

Matt Blowes  June 29, 2016 Security

Can you pick the real email from the scam? Learn how to spot the imposter to help protect your organisation from malicious emails.

Election 2016: Who is best for the NBN?

Matt Blowes  June 29, 2016 Opinion

What is the NBN? Which technology is best? Who is more capable at running the project? We help you cut through the confusion and know the basics of the NBN.

Microsoft celebrating 1 year of Windows 10 with Anniversary Update

Matt Blowes  June 28, 2016 Technology

Windows 10 is turning one in just over a month and Microsoft is marking the milestone by adding welcome new features. Check out the Anniversary Update here.

One desk, one headset

Matt Blowes  June 22, 2016 Hardware, IT Trends

Imagine walking into your office each day knowing you have a single point of contact. No more juggling multiple devices – all your calls on the one headset.

Microsoft bought LinkedIn for it's (your) data

Matt Blowes  June 15, 2016 IT Trends

How Microsoft's purchase of LinkedIn could dramatically change the way we interact with our Office programs.

Learn from the AWS cloud outage, before it happens again

Matt Blowes  June 15, 2016 Cloud Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Managed Services

With more rain forecast to hit the east coast, learn how your business can be prepared for a cloud outage no matter the circumstances.

Respond, Recover, React: 3 steps to survive the ransomware epidemic

Graeme Wilson  June 10, 2016 Technology, Security

Ransomware frequently targets businesses. Sentrian engineers outline three steps to survive the ransomware epidemic - respond, recover & react.

Where to start with automation

Matt Blowes  June 03, 2016 Technology, Improvement, IT Trends, Sentrian One

Automation has the potential to change the way we work forever. Yet many are in the dark about how it works. Find out where to start.

We're heading to ALPMA Summit 2016 – A Blueprint for Change

Matt Blowes  June 01, 2016 News & Announcements, Legal, Sentrian One

We're heading to ALPMA Summit 2016 – A Blueprint for Change

Microsoft bans obvious passwords

Matt Blowes  June 01, 2016 Security

Microsoft bans common passwords from its services as a new spat of ransomware attacks Australian businesses.

Take back your deskspace with our new mini-PCs

Matt Blowes  June 01, 2016 Technology, Hardware, Sentrian One

See how Sentrian's Standard Technology Stack workstation, the HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Desktop Mini, can free up your desk so you can focus on what matters most.