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Law firms in the dark over security breaches

Matt Blowes  April 27, 2016 Security, Legal

Law firms are staggeringly unaware when their IT security breach, and generally find out only after being contacted by a third party.

Keys to sparking change at your firm

James Sowry  April 21, 2016 Improvement, Legal

You are a leader in a law firm responsible to a group of partners. You're ready to implement an improvement plan to create change. Find out where to start.

Outlook users with Office 365 gain exclusive email security feature

Matt Blowes  April 20, 2016 Technology, Security

Safety Tips will offer Microsoft Outlook users a greater level of security certainty when using their email accounts but only for Office 365 subscribers.

Prioritising practice improvement

James Sowry  April 14, 2016 Improvement, Legal

The 4 considerations that will help law firm leaders when prioritising practice improvement. Decide which ideas to implement for business improvement.

The Blue Screen of Death may soon become helpful

Matt Blowes  April 13, 2016 Technology, IT Trends

Microsoft is introducing QR codes to help users diagnose BSOD issues however they usefulness isn't guaranteed.

Strategic planning enables improvement with technology

Matt Blowes  April 07, 2016 Improvement, Legal, Sentrian One

Find out some essential tips and steps toward understanding why strategic planning is vital in establishing effective business improvement practices.