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How to take legal tech to the next step

Matt Blowes  March 30, 2016 Improvement, Legal

A business improvement strategy is the key to pairing new legal technologies with demands to clients and increased competition.

Meet Apple's new robot 'Liam'

Matt Blowes  March 23, 2016 Technology, Hardware, IT Trends

Meet Apple's new robot 'Liam'

Why some spam emails make it to your inbox

Bas van Nunen  March 17, 2016 IT Trends, Security, Sentrian One

Discovering a spam email inside your inbox can be an unsettling surprise. We explain how spam can sneak through even the best internet security measures.

Always contact our Service Desk first

Bas van Nunen  March 16, 2016 Managed Services, Sentrian One

No matter the size of your IT issue, always make the Sentrian Service Desk your first point of contact.

How to make the Backup 3-2-1 Rule work

Matt Blowes  March 09, 2016 Backup and Disaster Recovery, Security, Sentrian One

Australia is No.3 in the world for falling victim to ransomware attacks. Learn how the 3-2-1 rule for effective backup can protect your office.

Snapchat hit as social engineering attacks rake in $2.8bn

Matt Blowes  March 02, 2016 Security

Learn how a dedicated internal communications platform can help your business falling victim to a social engineering attack.