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The Cloud is mission-critical ready

James Sowry  November 25, 2015 Cloud Services, IT Trends, Managed Services, Opinion

Enterprise now points to the cloud as its solution for many mission-critical workloads. Don't get caught playing catch-up, the cloud is now the norm.

A disciplined approach to business improvement

Merryl Macleod  November 25, 2015 Improvement

Sentrian’s Improvement Management Office (IMO) offers the tools, process and support to affect real and continuous business improvement.

Choose a mini PC to declutter your workspace & get more done

James Sowry  November 18, 2015 Technology, Hardware, Sentrian One

Declutter & boost productivity with mini PC & dual monitor workstations. Sentrian's Standard Technology Stack has 3 options based on the HP EliteDesk 800.

Productivity tips for your workspace

Matt Blowes  November 18, 2015 Technology, BYOD, Hardware, Sentrian One

The right tools and feeling comfortable are the keys to boosting your productivity and it starts right at your desk.

You have the data, but do you know how to use it?

James Sowry  November 13, 2015 Improvement, Opinion

Apply simple visualisation tools, like Power BI, to turn data into actionable knowledge and make the leap from running IT to using it strategically

Attackers are targeting Australians with malicious Word attachments

Bas van Nunen  November 11, 2015 Security

Attackers are targeting Australians with malicious Word attachments

'Should I upgrade to Windows 10 now?'

Matt Blowes  November 04, 2015 Opinion

'Should I upgrade to Windows 10 now?'