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Understand: Two-Factor Authentication

Matt Blowes  October 29, 2014 Security

The security standard to protect your accounts and devices from hackers.

OneDrive now offers free unlimited cloud storage for Office 365 users

Matt Blowes  October 29, 2014 Cloud Services, Technology

Microsoft Office365 is rolling unlimited storage for Home users, with Business accounts not far away. Does removing the cost of storage break down the barriers for your migration to the cloud?

Save your smartphone battery life

Matt Blowes  October 27, 2014 Technology

Saving battery life on your smartphone often comes down to common-sense usage, such as wwitching features off or restricting usage. Here are some of our tips for saving battery life.

Essential CryptoLocker Defence

Site Administrator  October 22, 2014 News & Announcements

An increasing number of Australian businesses are being targeted by CryptoLocker style ransomware. Here are are the essential facts you need to know.

Stand up for yourself

Matt Blowes  October 22, 2014

Standing for just an hour extra a day can have great benefits for your health and well-being. But what can those of us working a desk job do to get more active time in the average day?

Microsoft October News Round-Up

Matt Blowes  October 22, 2014 Technology, News & Announcements

Azure in Australia, Lumia replaces Nokia & more

G20 Preparation Wrap-Up

Bas van Nunen  October 16, 2014 News & Announcements

The G20 Summit of world leaders in Brisbane is now only weeks away. Here's some important information on the impact of the event in Brisbane and how it will affect Sentrian Service Desk operations.

Your best defence against CryptoLocker ransomware

Matt Blowes  October 16, 2014 Opinion

Ransomware like CryptoLocker is now directly targeting Australians. Here's our five steps to understanding and protecting yourself from malicious attacks.

Five roles IT can enable your business to outsource

James Sowry  October 12, 2014 Opinion

Outsourcing in the cloud era enables businesses of any size to grow without inviting significant new costs or increasing workload pressure on current core staff. Here's five roles that technology has

Office 365 Message Encryption easier than ever

Matt Blowes  October 08, 2014 Collaboration, Security, Office 365

Office 365 Message Encryption is now more 'accessible' with the service no longer requiring a Microsoft account.

3 tips for staying safe on public Wi-Fi

Matt Blowes  October 06, 2014

Public Wi-Fi hotspots can be found pretty much everywhere, but the convenience of free connectivity has its risks. Review these 3 tips for staying safe online.

Windows 10 Preview: Everything you need to know

Matt Blowes  October 01, 2014 Technology

Old meets new at Microsoft's Windows 10 announcement. Here's what's new, what's coming back and how you can preview it.