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Improving your Wi-Fi performance

Bas van Nunen  April 30, 2014 Technology, How To

A slow Wi-Fi network can bring out the worst in people but it can also affect your business. Improving your wireless network connection can be expensive and time-consuming but thankfully there are som

Four ways you're burning money on IT right now - and how to put out the flames

James Sowry  April 28, 2014 Opinion

Think your IT set-up is simple enough to support without specialist help? Or perhaps you think a system that's been working fine for the last four years should be left well enough alone? We look at ho

Get the most from Windows 8.1 Update

Matt Blowes  April 23, 2014 Technology

The Windows 8.1 Update and Windows RT 8.1 Update arrived last week, bringing a range of functional and security improvements to the Windows experience. Here's a collection of tips and tricks from Mi

Protect yourself from Heartbleed

Matt Blowes  April 16, 2014

The Heartbleed exploit will affect you but understanding it and protecting yourself is simple.

Buying a Tablet in 2014

Matt Blowes  April 14, 2014 Technology

Here's our take on how to approach buying a new tablet and what you should consider to help find the option that will work best for you in the maze of choices out there.

Microsoft April Round-Up

Matt Blowes  April 09, 2014 Technology

It's been a big month for Microsoft with Windows XP finally retired, Windows 8.1 Update and Office now available for iPad

The Wrap: Office for iPad

Matt Blowes  April 02, 2014 Cloud Services

Microsoft Office on the iPad is finally here, but does it deliver?