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Drones: With honour they serve

Matt Blowes  March 26, 2014

Queensland Police welcome drones into their fight against crime

Instant Messaging for the Office

Matt Blowes  March 26, 2014 Collaboration

It won't fully replace phone and email but instant messaging makes workplace communication easier.

Windows 8.1: Clearing up the FUD

Matt Blowes  March 24, 2014 Technology

With the end of Windows XP imminent, here is a quick guide on how Windows 8.1 is more familiar than you think.

OneNote now free and on Mac, Office for iPad likely next week

Matt Blowes  March 19, 2014 Cloud Services

OneNote finally comes to Mac, and what's more it's free for all users! Office Lens app turns the physical, digital, and is Office for iPad coming March 27?

Social Office 365

Matt Blowes  March 17, 2014 Technology, Collaboration

Microsoft's new Office 365 project promises to create a more collaborative digital work environment.

2014: the year for increased IT spending

Matt Blowes  March 12, 2014 IT Trends

Australian businesses indicate 2014 will be a big year for IT investment.

4 Triggers that signal it's time to rethink IT

James Sowry  March 10, 2014 Legal

Look beyond technical triggers you'll see a host of opportunities to review IT systems and processes on the back of change events in your business.

Going Google?

Matt Blowes  March 05, 2014 Digital Strategy

Are Google Apps and Chrome OS starting to take some of Microsoft's market?

Back-to-Basics: Email Phishing Scams

Bas van Nunen  March 03, 2014 Security

Fraudulent emails are getting more complex and convincing than ever. Read our step-by-step reminder on what to look out for in suspicious emails before taking action.