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What did the world search for in 2013?

Site Administrator  December 31, 2013

Google Zeitgeist 2013 explores what the world was thinking and feeling over the past year as expressed in search requests.

Google Transit finally launches for SEQ

Matt Blowes  December 18, 2013

Brisbane and South-East Queensland join over 80 cities world-wide with the launch of Google Transit for the Translink network.

Thank you for your support

James Sowry  December 11, 2013 News & Announcements, Sentrian One

Microsoft's survey of clients again finds Sentrian ahead of the pack.

Drones: Buzzing to Your Home Soon

Matt Blowes  December 06, 2013

In less than 30 minutes a drone will be at your location. Don't worry though, it's just those DVDs you ordered from Amazon.

IT Trends for 2014

Matt Blowes  December 04, 2013 IT Trends

The cloud grows, you work where you want to, the machines are watching us, you're still trying to work out how you'd use a 3D printer yet you might still be reading this from a desktop.