Apple TV+, News+ & Arcade subscriptions announcement: Australian Details

Apple TV+, News+ & Arcade subscriptions announcement: Australian Details

Matt Blowes March 26, 2019 Cloud Services, IT Trends, Software

Apple announced a range of streaming, news & gaming subscription services at a San Francisco event on March 25. Despite significant hype for the event from Apple, fewer than expected details were revealed, even for the U.S. market. 

Here is a summary of the new services and what we can expect to see in Australia:

Apple TV+

A subscription service including, "exclusive Original Shows, Movies and Documentaries".  Apple is boasting new, exclusive content from, "Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Octavia Spencer, J.J. Abrams, Jason Momoa, M. Night Shyamalan, Jon M. Chu and more". 

No pricing or release date details were revealed for Australia other than it will be available, "later in the year". 

Apple TV Channels

Third-party streaming services will be able to be subscribed to and watched within Apple's TV app. Making the TV app a hub for services, rather than having to jump between apps. 

Apple TV Channels will be within the TV app on iOS & Apple TV devices, and third-party televisions, Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices.

Channels will be available from May in "over 100 countries", which presumably includes Australia. Specific channels & pricing for Australia was not released. 

Apple News+Apple News+ 

A subscription service for news & magazines. Up to 300 publications included, notably Vogue, National Geographic Magazine, People, ELLE, The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. Apple showed off the detailed design of the new service, which can be previewed here (Apple U.S.).

No Australian publications were revealed and the service won't be available in Australia until, "later in the year".

No Australian pricing revealed, but the service is $9.99/month in the U.S. (approx. AU$15.50 inc GST). A single subscription can be shared with up to six family members through Family Sharing. 

Apple Arcade

subscription service for gaming. Over 100 "new and exclusive" games will be accessible on iOS, tvOS & macOS devices.

Apple Arcade will exist within the existing App Store and, "will launch in (Australian) spring 2019 in more than 150 countries from a new tab on the App Store across iOS, macOS and tvOS." 

No pricing was detailed but an Apple statement said, the games will " (be) all-you-can-play, have no ads, ad tracking or additional purchases, and respect user privacy".  

Apple Card

Apple Card 

Before you get too interested, the Apple Card is not coming to Australia.

Apple Card is an Apple-branded credit card backed by Goldman Sachs and MasterCard.  Available from May, only in the U.S. More details on 9to5Mac.

What's next

Several of the services will be available starting in May for the U.S. market. Hopefully we will potentially discover further details for Australia as they launch in the U.S., but this is purely speculation. 

Otherwise, the next time we can expect significant news updates from Apple will be their Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) starting June 4 (AEST time).

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