Apple recalls huge number of Australia power adapters

Apple recalls huge number of Australia power adapters

Matt Blowes February 03, 2016 Hardware

Chances are your household has at least one wall adapter included Apple's latest product recall.

This week, Apple initiated a voluntary recall for all AC Wall Plug Adapters sold between 2003 and 2015 in Australia and several other countries. Apple said in rare cases the wall adapters break, causing a safety risk and fire hazard.

apple-power-recall-2The affected part is not the actual power adapter itself but the detachable 'duck-head' plug which connects to a power point. In Australia these wall adapters are rounded, as seen to the right. The adapters were sold with many Mac models, iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. Apple USB Power Adapters without the detachable wall plug are not included in the recall.


Affected wall plug adapters contain 4 or 5 characters or no characters on the inside slot, where it connects to the power adapter, as seen above to the left.

The replacement wall plug adapter will instead have an 'AUS', region code identifier. The replacement plug will also appear different with a rectangular design with rounded edges instead of the previous circular design.

How to get your replacement adapters

Replacement adapters are available via the Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter Exchange Program.

Apple is offering three methods to replace the adapters:

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