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How to ensure the phones keep ringing when office closures are mandated

Robert Wilkinson  March 26, 2020 "Telephony", COVID-19

The fastest, simplest way to get your team working remotely with a hosted telephony solution.

Working From Home Guidelines for COVID-19

James Sowry  March 25, 2020 COVID-19, working from home

It seems the entire planet of previously office based staff are moving to working from home, and all at the same time.  Following are some tips to surviving and thriving in this new world order, whether you're a WFH newbie or a seasoned campaigner.

I survived a 48 hour COVID-19 self isolation

Robert Wilkinson  March 19, 2020 Opinion, COVID-19

Insights from our very own Rob on his experience of a forced COVID-19 isolation. The downside is not a surprise!

Sentrian's Response To COVID-19

James Sowry  March 17, 2020 News & Announcements, COVID-19

Sentrian has implemented measures to protect the health and safety of our team while providing the best service possible to our clients during the continuing COVID-19 crisis.

A Guide To Planning Your Response to COVID-19

James Sowry  March 13, 2020 News & Announcements, COVID-19

The spreading Coronavirus is impacting Australian businesses, Sentrian is working with organisations to plan & implement a response to the COVID-19 threat.

The biggest data breach threat today and the silver bullet to stop it.

Robert Wilkinson  March 11, 2020 Security

Details of the current biggest threat to data breach and how applying MFA will stop it.

Being work ready for the spread of COVID-19

James Sowry  March 04, 2020 News & Announcements, Opinion

The rapidly spreading Coronavirus is impacting global economies and is predicted to effect us at a local level. How can you be best prepared?

Our chosen whiteboard tool - the Samsung Flip 2

Sophia Byrne  February 26, 2020 IT Trends, News & Announcements

While collab tools are constantly developing, we love using the Flip 2 for the proven meeting style of standing around a whiteboard, with a new age update.

End of support looming for Office 2010

Sophia Byrne  February 19, 2020 News & Announcements, Office 365

All you need to know about the end of support for Office 2010.

Apps you need to check out! You won't believe #7! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Adrian Scrimshaw  February 12, 2020 IT Trends, Mobile

Check out these apps currently in use and recommended by the Sentrian team.

In (cyber) space, no one can hear you scream.

Robert Wilkinson  February 04, 2020 Security

The top 4 security trends that could come back to bite you if you ignore them.

Highlights from CES 2020 - the greatest electronics show in the world!

Sophia Byrne  January 29, 2020 IT Trends, News & Announcements

The highlights of CES 2020 reveal a plethora of new technologies and some insight into the decade ahead.

Tips for quicker Google searching

Sophia Byrne  January 23, 2020 IT Trends, Opinion

A bunch of handy googling tips to make searching the internet more efficient (and fun!)

Start the New Year efficiently with Microsoft Teams apps

Adrian Scrimshaw  January 15, 2020 Technology, IT Trends, Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams continues to integrate with hundreds of apps to make our workday more collaborative and productive.

What is Power Automate, and how can it help you?

Adrian Scrimshaw  January 08, 2020 IT Trends, Microsoft 365

How Microsoft is continuing to enable the average user to automate workflows making our workday more efficient.

Top 5 releases from Microsoft Ignite 2019

Sophia Byrne  December 18, 2019 Technology, News & Announcements, Microsoft 365

The top 5 takeaways from Microsoft's recent flagship event, Ignite, promising to make your work life more productive.

5 Christmas Tech Toys to Absolutely Avoid

Robert Wilkinson  December 11, 2019 Technology, Opinion

Have you been wondering which tech gadgets you should be considering for Christmas gifts this year? Not these!

Microsoft's Managed Meeting Rooms:  Meeting room management made easy

James Sowry  November 27, 2019 Collaboration, IT Trends

Managed Meeting Rooms is an add-on service for Microsoft’s Teams Rooms, purposed to ensure organisations collaborate with seamless and productive meetings.

Are you prepared for the Copper Cut Off?

Adrian Scrimshaw  November 20, 2019 Connectivity

With the NBN slowly drawing closer, it's time to consider your telephony options including Hosted PBX.

FileCloud - an easier way to share data

Adrian Scrimshaw  November 13, 2019 Cloud Services, Technology, Security

Access your data the way YOU want to, without compromising security or control.

5 Amazing Office 365 Hacks For Improving Productivity

joel franks  November 06, 2019 Collaboration, IT Trends, Microsoft 365

Office 365 includes productivity hacks to increase work efficiency and, ultimately, to ensure customers are making the most of their subscriptions.

5 Reasons To Back Up Your Office 365

Philip Page  October 23, 2019 Technology, IT Trends, Office 365

Having an Office 365 backup strategy in place is the surest way to ensure continuity in business and to reduce the risk of potential loss of your data.

How to Get Support from Sentrian

Sophia Byrne  October 17, 2019 Technology, Managed Services

A reminder of the best ways you can request support from us so that we can continue to provide you with exceptional IT services!

Right pace for wireless display technology

James Sowry  September 26, 2019 Collaboration, IT Trends, Opinion

In a world of remarkable business stories, Crestron Airmedia 2.0 is an easy standout with its HD wireless presentation technology.

The world beyond passwords

James Sowry  September 24, 2019 Improvement, Security

Weak passwords account for a staggering 81% of data breaches around the world, and are costly to maintain - it’s time for an alternative solution.

Are you using Microsoft Teams to reduce e-mail?

James Sowry  September 13, 2019 Collaboration, Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams will improve productivity with on-line meetings and chat, collaborating on files and working with favourite apps - all within Office 365.

We are officially a Best Place to Work!

Sophia Byrne  August 28, 2019 News & Announcements, 50BPTW19

For many years we have worked hard to make Sentrian a great place to work…and now it’s official!

How the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S will advance workplace meetings

Adrian Scrimshaw  August 21, 2019 Technology, Collaboration, IT Trends

Meet the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, the ultimate team collaboration tool that transforms workplace meetings to another level.

Sentrian are on the move!

James Sowry  August 15, 2019 News & Announcements

After 22 years, nearly as many renovations, and countless fond memories, we are saying goodbye to the office we have called home for over 2 decades.

Seven password dos and don'ts

Matt Blowes  August 09, 2019 Opinion, Security

Quick, fast tips for making your passwords more secure. See our password dos and dont's.

How to start using Microsoft Teams

Matt Blowes  July 30, 2019 Collaboration, Office 365, Microsoft 365

See how Microsoft's collaboration app has evolved to be the most powerful tool in the Office 365 suite. Watch a 10-minute demo here.

Windows 7, Server 2008, SBS support ends in less than six months

Graeme Wilson  July 23, 2019 Office 365, Software, Microsoft 365

A security problem is building for businesses that still use legacy Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 & Windows Small Business Server 2008/2011 devices.

How to stop using passwords

Matt Blowes  July 11, 2019 Opinion, Security

Using and remembering passwords doesn't have to be a day-to-day chore. You likely already have the devices needed to reduce your reliance on passwords.

Samsung accused of making misleading water resistance claims

Matt Blowes  July 04, 2019 Technology, Hardware, Legal, Mobile

The ACCC is suing Samsung, alleging its ads for many Galaxy phones showed situations where a phone was not covered by the water resistance rating.

Digital driver licences launching in NSW

Matt Blowes  June 19, 2019 Technology, IT Trends, Mobile

Drivers across NSW will have access to a digital driver licence on their phone starting in August.

Fake Office 365 email posing as Sentrian spreading

Graeme Wilson  June 10, 2019 Security

A malicious email with misleading Sentrian and Office 365 references is trying to trick users into clicking a link.

ANU suffers significant data breach

Matt Blowes  June 05, 2019 Security

Personal and financial information of ANU students, staff & visitors collected over a 19 year period has been compromised by hackers.

Telstra 5G arrives with higher pricing

Matt Blowes  May 22, 2019 Technology, Hardware, Mobile

Customers are finally able to access Telstra's 5G network thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G launch, but many plans may be charged an extra fee.

What is the Huawei controversy?

Matt Blowes  May 22, 2019 IT Trends, Opinion, Security

The Chinese tech giant is a growing competitor worldwide but the latest ban in the U.S. and Google dropping support have made its future unclear.

SMS not a great authentication method, but better than nothing

Matt Blowes  May 20, 2019 Opinion, Security

Any form of multi-factor authentication is better than none but SMS is weak. Change to an authenticator app for better security and convenience.

Try a practice ballot before voting in the federal election this weekend

Matt Blowes  May 13, 2019 Technology, IT Trends

A practice voting tool can help you preference correctly in the Senate and cast a valid vote in the federal election on Saturday May 18.

Australians lost half a billion dollars to scammers in 2018

Matt Blowes  April 30, 2019 Security

Australians had almost $500 million taken last year by scammers and that only includes reported losses. See the scams report infographic.

Microsoft's re-engineered Edge web browser enters public testing

Matt Blowes  April 11, 2019 Technology, IT Trends, Software

Microsoft Edge will become a Chromium-based web browser, a change that will enable Google Chrome extensions to work and may make the browser faster.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 now available

Matt Blowes  April 03, 2019 Technology, Software

After months in preview, Visual Studio 2019 is now available. There are a raft of new features and significant upgrades for Mac developers but not all new functions are switched on yet.

Facial recognition in many phones not as secure as hoped

Matt Blowes  April 03, 2019 Hardware, Opinion, Security, Mobile

Facial recognition security in many phones from LG, Sony, Samsung & more is not secure and can easily be fooled by a simple photo. But Face ID by Apple and long passcodes remain viable security methods.

Apple TV+, News+ & Arcade subscriptions announcement: Australian Details

Matt Blowes  March 26, 2019 Cloud Services, IT Trends, Software

Apple hosts its biggest subscription event, unveiling new streaming, news & gaming services. But many of the finer details weren't revealed. Here's what we know and don't know for Australia.

Introducing You Centred Technology

James Sowry  March 26, 2019 News & Announcements, Sentrian One

See the bright new website, featuring You Centred Technology - providing the tools, skills & on-demand support to make you & your people more productive.

Outlook quietly sending automatic read receipts on mobile devices

Matt Blowes  February 27, 2019 Security, Office 365, Microsoft 365

Outlook on mobile devices has a default setting to automatically allow read receipts in the background, regardless of your desktop settings.

Samsung, Huawei & more unveil folding phones: Australian round-up

Matt Blowes  February 26, 2019 Hardware, IT Trends

Australia appears to be have been overlooked from the first generation of foldable phones. But with high pricing, few will feel like they've missed out.

Windows 7 end of support date is approaching

Matt Blowes  January 21, 2019 Software, Microsoft 365

Microsoft is finally ending support and security updates for Windows 7. Users of the popular operating system should start planning now to ensure their data is kept secure.

Wrap-up: Highlights from CES 2019

Matt Blowes  January 09, 2019 Technology, Hardware, IT Trends

A foldable phone, a machine that folds clothes (it actually works now), big screen TVs & powerful laptops. Plus, a vegan burger indistinguishable from real meat. The highlights from CES 2019.

Stop cyber attacks with authentication

Matt Blowes  December 17, 2018 Security

More and more businesses are losing money because of compromised staff email accounts. Multi-factor authentication can minimise security risks and prevent data breaches.

Bitcoin bomb threats in new email scam

Matt Blowes  December 14, 2018 Security

Businesses across North America have received alarming fake bomb threat emails demanding Bitcoin payments. None of the emails appear credible and they have been described as spam.

Outlook for iPhone receives new design, dark mode soon

Matt Blowes  December 07, 2018 Office 365, Software

It may be short on new features but the Outlook app for the iPhone has received a design refresh bringing more colour to its clean appearance.

Meet the new Microsoft Office icons

Matt Blowes  November 30, 2018 IT Trends, Office 365

Microsoft is finally refreshing the look of its Office app icons. Perhaps not the most exciting announcement but its been over five years and two editions of Office since they were last updated.

Technology Anti-Gift Guide 2018

Matt Blowes  November 27, 2018 Technology, IT Trends, Opinion

There is no shortage of dud tech gift ideas. Here are some to avoid, but we're not all negative, we've included some good alternatives in Sentrian's Technology Anti-Gift Guide for Christmas 2018.

11 quick tips for Slack & Microsoft Teams

Philip Page  November 20, 2018 IT Trends, Opinion

Workplace chat apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams can be far more productive than email, particularly if used cleverly. Here are 11 tips for improving your conversations.

How to repair a broken iPhone in Australia

Matt Blowes  October 31, 2018 Technology, BYOD, Hardware

Smashed your iPhone screen? Dropped it and cracked the glass on the back? Here's how to repair your iPhone and how much it costs.

Sentrian to exhibit at Accountech.Live

James Sowry  October 17, 2018 Cloud Services, News & Announcements, Accounting

This year's premier accounting technology expo & conference, Accountech.Live, is just around the corner. Join us in Melbourne to talk everything cloud and digital transformation for accountants & bookkeepers.

Four steps toward better account security

Matt Blowes  October 11, 2018 Security

We've put together a few of our top resources so you can take control of your account security. Including how to get started with two-factor authentication and tips for using public Wi-Fi.

Google unveils Pixel 3, Home Hub and a new Pixel tablet: Australian release details

Matt Blowes  October 10, 2018 Technology, Hardware, IT Trends

New phones and assistant capabilities were the focus, but Google's new high-end tablet doesn't appear to be making its way to Australia.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Laptop 2 & Studio 2 Australian release details

Matt Blowes  October 03, 2018 Hardware, IT Trends, Software

Microsoft shows off a new generation of Surface laptops, tablets & desktops with new specs aimed at improving performance. Plus a surprise headset was announced.

Microsoft Office 2019 released for Windows & Mac

Matt Blowes  September 25, 2018 Cloud Services, Office 365, Software

A milestone release for Microsoft Office has arrived but it might be the most lacklustre in its history. See when the Office 2019 release is available and why Office 365 has stolen the show.

Password AutoFill makes it easy to use a password manager

Matt Blowes  September 24, 2018 BYOD, Security, Software

Logging into services on your iPhone and iPad is now remarkably easy. It can be done as quickly as triggering Face ID or Touch ID. Password AutoFill makes typing in usernames and passwords a thing of the past.

iPhone XS and iPhone XR: Australian launch details

Matt Blowes  September 13, 2018 Technology, Hardware, IT Trends

The most expensive iPhone ever has arrived. Here's everything you need to know about the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Including how much each model costs in Australia and when they can be purchased.

Outlook redesign revealed, coming soon

Matt Blowes  September 11, 2018 Cloud Services, Office 365

Microsoft have unveiled a significant but familiar redesign for Outlook. A sleeker look with less clutter is the clear priority. Some users may see the changes in a matter of days or weeks, but others might be left waiting for months. Those without Office 365 won't see it at all.

Introducing the Sentrian Help knowledge-base

Matt Blowes  September 04, 2018 How To, News & Announcements, Sentrian One

We've launched a new online help centre to provide quick information and guides to complete simple and useful IT tasks. Meet Sentrian Help.

Vodafone & TPG announce merger

Matt Blowes  August 30, 2018 Connectivity, IT Trends

Worth an estimated $15 billion, the new giant telco will rival Optus in size as the merged company looks to shake up Australia's mobile market.

Digital transformation leading tech trends in 2018

Matt Blowes  August 28, 2018 Digital Strategy, IT Trends, Opinion

Digital transformation is changing the way we look at maintaining and improving IT. Businesses are demanding more use-cases, while becoming more and more reliant on IT functionality.

Malicious attacks leading cause of data breaches in new report

Matt Blowes  August 20, 2018 IT Trends, Security

The first regular quarterly report for the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme revealed an expected trend: criminals are trying to steal data and staff continue to make mistakes. See our tips for tackling both issues.

Introducing the Service Desk Callback feature

Graeme Wilson  August 13, 2018 News & Announcements, Sentrian One

We've made a small but significant change to the Service Desk phone support to help reduce wait times. Try our Callback feature the next time you call our Service Desk.

Choosing the best password manager in 2018

Matt Blowes  August 07, 2018 How To, Security

A password manager can automatically generate secure passwords & take away the need to remember multiple passwords. See our recommended service and our quick guide for getting started.

Chrome begins marking all 'HTTP' websites as 'Not secure'

Matt Blowes  August 03, 2018 Security, Software

Google implements a significant security policy shift after years of preparation. It marks a push to change the way people consider website data security.

Construction industry turns to the cloud

Matt Blowes  July 20, 2018 Cloud Services, IT Trends, Construction

The John Holland Group has moved 100% into the cloud as performance gains take priority.

Important tasks added to Microsoft To-Do

Matt Blowes  July 18, 2018 Office 365, Software

Microsoft continues to roll-out regular feature updates for its task management app To-Do. Users can now mark high-priority tasks as important. Plus, List Sharing now includes attribution.

Microsoft Teams adds archiving, free version

Matt Blowes  July 13, 2018 Cloud Services, Office 365

Microsoft finally has a free version that offers a significant amount of functionality & will be appealing for small businesses. Plus can finally be archived into a read-only mode.

Microsoft announces low-cost Surface Go

Matt Blowes  July 10, 2018 Technology, Hardware

Microsoft targets the lower end of the market with a new 2-in-1 style tablet. Similar in design to the Surface Pro, the new Surface Go aims to retain the creation capabilities of a PC at a reduced cost.

Microsoft reveals basic security improvements can reduce attack risk

Matt Blowes  July 03, 2018 Security

The wide-ranging survey of Asia-Pacific businesses details some easy & promising recommendations, but paints a damning picture of current security practices used by many businesses.

Four facts that need to be in your Out-of-Office message

Matt Blowes  June 27, 2018 How To, Office 365

How to keep your contacts informed and productive when you're out of the office. See our quick guide and template.

Sentrian Centurions complete the Oxfam Trailwalker 2018!

James Sowry  June 25, 2018 News & Announcements

We did it! All eight of our Sentrian Centurions finished the 55 km Oxfam Trailwalker thanks to your support.

Microsoft Office 2019 may have a muted launch

Matt Blowes  June 20, 2018 Opinion, Office 365, Software

We're months away from the expected release of Office 2019, yet there is little hype driven by Microsoft. See what's in the Office 2019 Commercial Preview and why Office 365 users won't notice much change.

Top 100 passwords you should stop using immediately

Matt Blowes  June 14, 2018 Security

A new graph shows weak passwords continue to be popular. Using one of the top 100 popular passwords found in recent data breaches can lead to your accounts being breached in seconds.

Microsoft To-Do introduces List Sharing

Matt Blowes  June 07, 2018 Office 365, Software

Microsoft is adding more and more new features to Microsoft To-Do with users now able to collaborate for the first time.

Group FaceTime and tongue detection coming soon to your iPhone

Matt Blowes  June 05, 2018 Technology, Software

Apple has promised performance boosts to its older model iPhone devices, multiple users can join a FaceTime chat, and Animoji gets even more life-like with tongue detection. See all the highlights from Apple's WWDC 2018.

Developing an IT security culture in 2018

Graeme Wilson  May 30, 2018 Opinion, Security

Changing a few policies & enabling a few settings can set your business on a security conscious path. See how Amazon's five steps to build a security culture can scale to organisations of any size.

Google Chrome is removing 'Secure' notices

Matt Blowes  May 28, 2018 Security

Google will soon remove the green security lock icon from the Chrome address bar. Here is a preview of what will take its place and why you'll see more 'Not Secure' warnings.

Sentrian Karma Keg event for Oxfam Trailwalker

James Sowry  May 24, 2018 News & Announcements

We have two Karma Kegs on tap and you're invited to Newstead Brewing Co in Milton to support our Oxfam Trailwalker teams.

Sentrian Guide to Avoiding Email Scams

Graeme Wilson  May 22, 2018 Security

Our six steps to avoid being duped by emerging email scams. See how to respond to suspicious email and what to do if you think you're being attacked.

Your business may soon receive automated calls from actual people

Matt Blowes  May 15, 2018 Technology, IT Trends, AI

Google Duplex offers the promise of calendar scheduling without the work. It's an AI technology that will arrange meetings and appointments in the background by calling contacts and businesses while you continue your day.

Microsoft is bringing Windows closer to your phone

Matt Blowes  May 09, 2018 Cloud Services, Technology, BYOD

Microsoft Launcher, Edge and Your Phone apps aim to bring a more seamless experience when going between your computer and mobile devices. The apps are powered by the new Windows Timeline.

Windows 10 receives new features with the April update

Matt Blowes  May 01, 2018 Technology

More visual changes to Windows 10 and a clever timeline feature will be implemented in the latest update, arriving just shy of the third anniversary of the operating system.

Sentrian's Centurions to walk 55 km for Oxfam

James Sowry  April 23, 2018 News & Announcements

We're taking on Oxfam's annual walking endurance challenge, Trailwalker, to help fight poverty. The event goes beyond finishing as fast as possible, it's critical for us to work as a team.

Data breaches hit more than half of Australian businesses

Matt Blowes  April 20, 2018 Security

A new report details how far there is to go combating data breaches with human error remaining the leading cause, with malicious attacks following closely.

Gmail design to be refreshed, new smart features coming soon

Matt Blowes  April 17, 2018 Technology

Google is adding several new features like smart replies and confidential email to its popular Gmail service. See a preview of the changes before they go live.

Patches released to mitigate Meltdown & Spectre

Matt Blowes  April 12, 2018 Security

More than three months after the vulnerabilities were revealed, Microsoft, AMD & Intel have released their planned fixes for Meltdown & Spectre. But some older PCs won't be receiving any help.

Sentrian Melbourne Data Centre goes live

James Sowry  April 04, 2018 Cloud Services, Managed Services, News & Announcements, Sentrian One

We've added to our Brisbane and Sydney bases with a new Melbourne data centre to improve performance for our Victorian-based clients.

Look-alike website addresses a growing threat

Matt Blowes  March 28, 2018 Security

Users can be tricked into accessing fake websites without realising - even if you're actively watching out. See how Punycode phishing works and why it's an important cyber security issue.

How-to create a good password in 2018

Matt Blowes  March 19, 2018 How To, Security

Taking five minutes to create a secure password can revolutionise your account security. See our three steps to securing your accounts with an effective password.

OWA for iPhone, iPad & Android to be replaced by Outlook app

Matt Blowes  March 15, 2018 Technology, Office 365

Microsoft is finally dropping support for one of its two mobile email apps. But OWA users may be unsettled by the change. Find out when the OWA apps will stop working and how to replace them.

Automation, data security & blockchain impacting accountants in 2018

Matt Blowes  March 13, 2018 IT Trends, Accounting

Ahead of the Accounting Business Expo in Sydney, we look at three ways technology will make its mark on the profession in 2018.

How-to get started with two-factor authentication

Matt Blowes  March 07, 2018 How To, Security

Controlling how sensitive information and apps are accessed is essential to prevent data breaches. Learn how two-factor authentication can help.

Full guest access coming to Microsoft Teams

Matt Blowes  March 01, 2018 Cloud Services, Collaboration, Office 365

Guests can be easily added to Microsoft Teams in a matter of moments in a new update coming soon. See how to switch on guest access.

Chrome to require website security certificates, will distrust Symantec certificates

Matt Blowes  February 27, 2018 Security

Google Chrome will soon display security warnings on websites that have an SSL certificate issued by Symantec, or if the website doesn't have one at all.

Australian's asked to comment on new '.au' domain name changes

Matt Blowes  February 20, 2018 IT Trends

Reforms to Australia's domain name system are on the cards, with '.au' addresses coming soon. The public consultation period for the changes is closing soon.

Australian businesses required to notify data breach victims

James Sowry  February 15, 2018 Security

The Notifiable Data Breaches scheme is about to come into effect and a significant number of Australian businesses are required to comply.

Cryptomining attack hit Australian government websites

Matt Blowes  February 12, 2018 Security

A third party service on thousands of government websites had been compromised by a cryptomining attack.

How ransomware can take an entire business offline

Matt Blowes  February 08, 2018 Security

After one of the world's largest freight companies was taken offline for days due to ransomware, a new threat is emerging.

Office 2019 is a Windows 10 exclusive, previews begin soon

Matt Blowes  February 07, 2018 Office 365

Windows 7 users are set to miss out on the next major iteration of Microsoft Office when it is released later this year.

Businesses yet to fully utilise Office 365 apps

Matt Blowes  January 30, 2018 Cloud Services, Office 365

Businesses are being encouraged to allow their staff to explore Office 365 apps, and update processes to better match the productivity features available.

Queensland law firms facing cyber attacks every day

Matt Blowes  January 19, 2018 Security, Legal

Queensland law firms are being deliberately targeted by online criminals who are willing to develop one-on-one relationships with their targets.

Windows updates blocked on PCs using anti-virus software incompatible with Meltdown fix

Matt Blowes  January 11, 2018 Security

Computers with third-party anti-virus software that is not compatible with Microsoft's Meltdown & Spectre patches will not receive any future Windows updates.

Meltdown and Spectre flaws: What you need to know

Matt Blowes  January 09, 2018 Security

Figuratively every device in the world is vulnerable to a couple of new processor flaws. Here's quick info on how they differ from typical security threats.

Sentrian marks a memorable 2017

James Sowry  December 12, 2017 News & Announcements

It's been a year of milestones with staff hitting ten and twenty years of service. And, we're proud to announce the Senturion of the Year for 2017.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Matt Blowes  December 05, 2017 Hardware, IT Trends

In need of a last minute Secret Santa Gift? Or after a simple gadget? See our Christmas Gift Guide for inspiration.

Two key reasons why anti-malware has overtaken anti-virus

Matt Blowes  November 29, 2017 Managed Services, Security, Sentrian One

The security provided by anti-virus software is not what it once was. See how anti-malware has developed to meet today's threats.

Amazon Australia set for imminent launch

Matt Blowes  November 22, 2017 IT Trends

Years of hype and speculation may soon be realised. Amazon Australia is reportedly notifying third party re-sellers to prepare for customer orders.

New ransomware attack hits Australian email accounts

Matt Blowes  November 10, 2017 Security

Malicious emails posing as Origin Energy, PayPal & Netflix have targeted Australian email accounts in a new, massive campaign.

How-to change your Windows password

James Fletcher  November 08, 2017 How To, Sentrian #AMA

Don't let your Windows password expiry over the holidays. See how you can update your password in seconds with our quick guide.

New Office 365 scam email targeting Australia

Matt Blowes  November 03, 2017 Security, Office 365

Australian's are being targeted by a new phishing email scam that tries to steal their login information. See a sample of the scam email here.

Business downtime the largest threat posed by ransomware

Matt Blowes  November 01, 2017 Security

A new report reveals how damaging ransomware is increasing around the world, and how it is putting the businesses it infects in danger.

iPhone X, Note8, Pixel 2: Australian phone buying guide 2017

Matt Blowes  October 31, 2017 Technology, Hardware, IT Trends

Apple, Google & Samsung have released their new phones for the year. Here's our round-up of the reviews and what to consider when purchasing.

Wi-Fi left vulnerable due to KRACK flaw

Matt Blowes  October 25, 2017 Security

A new flaw in a widely used Wi-Fi security standard named KRACK has left devices and networks vulnerable. Here's a quick Q&A to get you up-to-date.

People + Technology is the key to business innovation

James Sowry  October 19, 2017 IT Trends, Opinion

Technology fuels business innovation but only when placed in the hands of individuals given the freedom and time to ask 'how can this be improved?'.

Chrome displays new warning on 'not secure' websites

Matt Blowes  October 18, 2017 Security

Google's new alert warns users when the information they're sharing isn't secure, but the new 'not secure' warning doesn't guarantee websites are 100% safe.

How to actually turn off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth in iOS 11

Matt Blowes  October 17, 2017 How To

Despite appearances, turning off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth in the iOS 11 Control Centre does not disable them completely. See how to properly turn them off.

Stay smart online one step at a time

James Sowry  October 08, 2017 Security

Sentrian is partnering with Stay Smart Online to promote Stay Smart Online Week – a national initiative dedicated to boosting Australia’s cyber resilience.

Legal Tech: What is artificial intelligence?

Matt Blowes  October 05, 2017 Technology, Legal

Artificial intelligence may cause a revolution in the legal profession. We look at where it currently is and the roles its already starting to fill.

Skype for Business to be replaced by Microsoft Teams

Matt Blowes  September 28, 2017 Cloud Services, Collaboration

Skype for Business is to make way for Microsoft Teams. Find out when the transition will start and how much it can cost.

How-to perform a speed test

Juan Moredo  September 20, 2017 Sentrian #AMA

A speed test can be a helpful tool if your connection feels slow or if you want to check and see how fast it can go. See our guide here.

Legal tech: What is software robotics?

Matt Blowes  September 14, 2017 Legal

Software robotics is the next stage in automation. See who it may impact in the legal profession and what it can offer the public.

The top 4 strategies for combating cybercrime

Robert Wilkinson  September 13, 2017 Security, Legal

Cybercrime was a strong theme at the 2017 LawTech summit. Here we explain the top 4 cyber security strategies recommended by the Australian Signals Directorate.

How-to enable Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone

Matt Blowes  September 08, 2017 Technology, How To

Mobile network reception issues, particularly indoors, can be addressed with Wi-Fi Calling. Learn how-to enable it on your iPhone.

Find Brisbane CBD passenger drop-off zones in Google Maps

Matt Blowes  August 29, 2017 Technology

Finding a drop-off zone in the Brisbane CBD is now a bit easier with a new Google Maps overlay.

Understand: Microsoft Office 365 Email Archiving

Matt Blowes  August 24, 2017 Cloud Services, Opinion, Office 365

A simple concept that can become surprisingly complex. See our breakdown of email archiving with Microsoft Office 365.

Legal tech: What is 5G?

Matt Blowes  August 17, 2017 Legal

The groundwork is being laid for the next major mobile network upgrade, 5G. Find out what it is, when it's expected and how it may affect the legal profession.

More talent joins the Sentrian team

Matt Blowes  August 10, 2017 News & Announcements

Staying true to our ethos of never being satisfied and existing to serve, meet the new staff (there's more than Juan...) who've joined Sentrian.

Legal Tech: What is blockchain?

Matt Blowes  August 04, 2017 Technology, IT Trends, Legal

See how blockchain may have a profound affect on the legal professional, particularly for conveyancing, in the first of our new legal tech series.

Get started with Office 365 apps

Matt Blowes  July 28, 2017 How To, Office 365

Find a missing feature in Microsoft Office or take a quick refresher in seconds with Microsoft's Office basics series.

Microsoft Office Licensing Guide 2017

Matt Blowes  July 26, 2017 Cloud Services, Office 365

Purchasing Microsoft Office can be anything from a split second decision to a large project. See our guide on where to start and how to get the best value.

Microsoft 365 simplifies business licensing

Matt Blowes  July 14, 2017 Cloud Services, Managed Services

Learn about the highly anticipated new Microsoft 365 - a business subscription from Microsoft that includes both Office and Windows.

A short history of computer viruses

Alex Uhde  July 05, 2017 Security

Systems Engineer Alex Uhde explores the history of computer viruses to explain where the latest 'WannaCry' & 'NotPetya' attacks came from and how they work.

How-to forward a suspicious email to the Service Desk

David Donaldson  July 05, 2017 Sentrian #AMA

Only forwarding a suspicious email will not help us prevent block spam emails in future. Learn how you can help fight spam by forwarding email as an attachment.

Two epic channel swims, one good cause

James Sowry  June 28, 2017 News & Announcements

Lynton Mortensen is taking on two marathon swims to raise funds for the Children's Hospital Fund. Learn about the challenge & how you can support him.

Energy providers not helping themselves in the fight against ransomware

Matt Blowes  June 26, 2017 Opinion, Security

Another week, another ransomware campaign posing as an Australian business. But some companies are making it difficult to check if an email is fake or real.

Sentrian team welcomes several new additions (big and small)

Matt Blowes  June 16, 2017 News & Announcements

The Sentrian team has been growing at a steady pace. We'd like to introduce a few of our new faces.

Four steps to stay safe from malware

Matt Blowes  June 02, 2017 Security

In the face of relentless malware attacks, see a quick refresher on four simple principles on how to keep safe.

Choosing your next laptop: Storage

Matt Blowes  May 24, 2017 Hardware

If you're looking at a new laptop, it's vital to know whether you're getting a fast solid state drive (SSD). Find out our recommendations.

How can I recover files that have been accidentally deleted?

David Donaldson  May 24, 2017 Sentrian #AMA

When you accidentally hit delete, your ability to recover files will depend on where they were originally saved, & how often your company runs a backup.

WannaCry Ransomware: Facts and Risks

Graeme Wilson  May 15, 2017 Security

WannaCry ransomware launched on 12 May 2017. Understand the facts to assess the risks for your organisation.

What is Microsoft Windows 10 S?

Matt Blowes  May 08, 2017 IT Trends

Find out about the new edition of Windows, the latest edition to the Surface device family and the Microsoft To-Do list app.

7 ways malware can infect your business

Matt Blowes  April 21, 2017 Security

How malware can infect your business and why employees are potentially a key risk.

Sentrian Extends Service Desk Hours

James Sowry  April 10, 2017 News & Announcements

The Sentrian Service Desk will operate with extended standard hours to meet the demands of our diverse clients.

Four steps to trust a website - SSL certificates

Matt Blowes  April 07, 2017 Security

The SSL certificate lock icon in our web browsers has long been a source of safety. See why that may no longer be the case and how you can still stay safe.

New data breach notification laws for Australian businesses

Matt Blowes  March 31, 2017 IT Trends, Legal

Australia's new data breach notification laws come into effect Feb-2018. For businesses required to comply with the Privacy Act, here's what you need to know.

The story of a ticket

Graeme Wilson  March 28, 2017 Sentrian One

You've got an IT issue and you've reported it, but where does it go? We show you how a ticket is created and how it helps.

Legal chatbot now helping refugees

Matt Blowes  March 16, 2017 Legal

Automated legal services bot DoNotPay is helping would-be refugees submit asylum claims by using simple English on a platform accessible to billions.

End of Office 2007, Windows Vista approaching

Matt Blowes  March 07, 2017 IT Trends, Security

Microsoft is dropping security and bug support for Office 2007 and Windows Vista, leaving computers still running the software vulnerable to attacks.

Help! I think I clicked on malware! What now?

Marvin Tumbagahan  March 02, 2017 Sentrian #AMA

You've clicked on an email & now something's not right. This Sentrian #AMA outlines how to tell if it's a malware attack and what you should do about it.

One step for lawyers to go mobile

Matt Blowes  February 24, 2017 BYOD, IT Trends, Legal

As more legal professionals are expected to work outside the office, find out tips how to get started, stay safe and make the most of Microsoft OneNote.

New scam ATO email slips by spam filters

Matt Blowes  February 22, 2017 Security

Unsuspecting email users have found a new scam ATO email has reached their inbox that appears to be one of the more sophisticated attacks in recent years.

Microsoft Ignite 2017 wraps up with new Windows Insider program for business

Matt Blowes  February 17, 2017 Cloud Services, IT Trends

Microsoft announces a new Windows Insider program aimed at business and IT pros at the annual Gold Coast Ignite developer conference.

Is it a good idea to regularly restart my PC?

Ralph Sleeman  February 15, 2017 Sentrian #AMA

Windows features designed to ensure your PC starts-up quickly can actually degrade performance over time. That's why we recommend restarting Windows regularly.

Exciting opportunity for experienced System Engineer

Sophia Byrne  February 07, 2017 News & Announcements

Experienced system engineers who enjoy working in a fast paced MSP environment should consider this opportunity with Sentrian. Minimum 5 years experience.

What you need to know when software goes 'end-of-support'

Matt Blowes  February 06, 2017 Technology, Sentrian One

What software 'end-of-life' means and why you should weigh your options before choosing to remain on unsupported software versions.

Senturion of the Year 2016 Winner Announced

James Sowry  January 25, 2017 News & Announcements

We like to acknowledge staff who make an outstanding contribution to the business. Alex Uhde was named 'Senturion of the Year' for his performance in 2016.

Required skills: outstanding client service

Abhay Khanna  January 24, 2017 Opinion, Sentrian One

Abhay Khanna shares his experiences on the Sentrian service desk & how this equips him for a new Client Services Manager role in the Business Development team.

Manage frontline staff with Microsoft StaffHub in Office 365

Matt Blowes  January 19, 2017 Collaboration, News & Announcements, Office 365

Rosters and shift management is made easy with Microsoft StaffHub, a simple portal for scheduling shifts and making sure every staff member stays up-to-date.

Define your visual brand for a cause

James Sowry  January 18, 2017 Opinion

Human Creative employs a profit-for-purpose philosophy by offering graphic design services and powerful visuals to businesses for a good cause.

CES 2017 and the year ahead in tech

Matt Blowes  January 05, 2017 Technology, IT Trends

Virtual reality, wearables, home hubs and a hair brush people can't stop talking about. It's time for CES 2017 and speculation on the year to come in tech.

Ransomware unlocks your files... if you help infect your friends

Matt Blowes  December 14, 2016 Security

Victims of the 'Popcorn Time' malware are promised their files will be unlocked if they successfully infect two of their friends' computers.

Easy Christmas gifts for 2016 and one to avoid

Matt Blowes  December 07, 2016 IT Trends

Our round-up of a few easy Christmas gift ideas for 2016 with one present you may want to avoid giving this holiday season.

OfficeMaps links people with resources

Matt Blowes  December 05, 2016

OfficeMaps offers quick, natural language answers to everyday office management questions. Learn how your office spaces can be visualised using simple data.

The Australian Signals Directorate guide to avoiding malicious email

Matt Blowes  December 01, 2016 Security

IT pros and typical users alike can learn vital tips on how to effectively protect themselves and their office from dangerous emails.

Queensland offers up to $10k for small business digital projects

Matt Blowes  November 23, 2016 Digital Strategy, Improvement

The Queensland Government is offering up to $10,000 to small businesses who invest in new digital technology or services.

Top 3 phones leading into 2017

Matt Blowes  November 17, 2016 Hardware, IT Trends

Struggling to choose a new phone? Feeling generous this Christmas? See our round-up of the stand-out phones released in 2016.

Microsoft Teams takes on Slack for office communications

Matt Blowes  November 08, 2016 Collaboration, IT Trends

For a while, Slack has been the clear winner in the battle to eliminate email. Now Microsoft Teams is in the race, and for many won't cost an extra cent.

Microsoft takes the innovation flag from Apple

Matt Blowes  November 02, 2016 Technology, Hardware, IT Trends, Opinion

When it comes to PC innovation, Microsoft looks to be in the drivers seat while Apple is arguably introducing change for it's own sake.

Sentrian staffer a friend to others in need

James Sowry  October 26, 2016 Sentrian One

Sentrian's Operations Support Coordinator Trish Jones applies her many skills in helping survivors of domestic violence as a Friends with Dignity volunteer.

New IT solutions take people power

Matt Blowes  October 26, 2016 Technology

Boosting productivity with new systems and technology is only half the story. Getting staff up to speed and prepared is the other.

Sentrian deploys the Jabra Pro 935

Matt Blowes  October 17, 2016 Hardware, Opinion

Our Service Desk has upgraded it's headsets to the wireless Jabra Pro 935. Find out what we like, what to consider and whether we recommend it.

How legal firms begin to update their processes

Matt Blowes  October 06, 2016 IT Trends, Legal

Law firm leaders are ready to move on from out-dated processes however they're faced with a problem: finding a starting point. Learn where to start.

Windows Server 2016 available in October with Docker included

Matt Blowes  September 28, 2016 Managed Services

Microsoft have announced Windows Server 2016 - the first major update in three years - will be available sometime this month.

Office 365 receives exclusive Tap and productivity features

Matt Blowes  September 28, 2016 Cloud Services

Drop in graphs, images, slides and more in only a few clicks in Outlook and Word. Find out more about new productivity features exclusive to Office 365.

Unsend email with Outlook and Gmail

Matt Blowes  September 21, 2016 Collaboration, How To

Find yourself regretting hitting send after hastily writing up an email? Find out how you can take it all back before it arrives in the recipient's inbox.

Guests can now join Office 365 groups

Matt Blowes  September 19, 2016 Cloud Services, Collaboration

Microsoft have announced guests will soon be able to join private Office 365 Groups. See the new feature in action before it goes live.

Starting out with Remote Desktop

Matt Blowes  September 13, 2016 Cloud Services, How To, Managed Services

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) allows your business to have a unified, consistent experience for its employees. Here's when we recommend it & why.

Apple launches iPhone 7 without standard audio jack

Matt Blowes  September 07, 2016 Hardware, IT Trends

Find out the features of the new iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus, including Apple's controversial audio decision and when the phones will be available in Australia

Prepare for disaster before the storm season hits

Matt Blowes  August 31, 2016 Backup and Disaster Recovery, Managed Services, Sentrian One

A disaster recovery plan can offer your business certainty in a time of crisis. All it takes to start is knowing what your business wants to protect.

Intel's Kaby Lake processor launches, expect new portables soon

Matt Blowes  August 31, 2016 Hardware

Intel have unveiled the next generation of it's Core brand processor, Kaby Lake. Portable devices will be the first to feature the new CPUs.

Automate legal emails with Microsoft's Quick Parts

Matt Blowes  August 24, 2016 How To, Legal

Microsoft Quick Parts are an useful tool that can speed up and automate drafting across the Microsoft Office suite. Find out how to get started here.

IT Definitions Database

Matt Blowes  August 17, 2016 How To, IT Trends, Legal

Here's a collection of simplified definitions to assist you in understanding technical products, services and trends in the IT and legal-IT industries.

Microsoft clarifies Windows 7 support end-date for Intel users

Matt Blowes  August 17, 2016 Technology, Managed Services

Microsoft now says support for Windows 7 on current Intel processors will continue beyond July 2017, despite earlier saying otherwise.

Say hello to Sentrian at ALPMA Summit 2016!

Matt Blowes  August 09, 2016 News & Announcements, Legal

Say hello to Sentrian at ALPMA Summit 2016!

Robots can now build homes as Australia goes automated

Matt Blowes  August 09, 2016 Technology, Improvement, IT Trends

Automation is leaving the drawing-board and entering the mainstream with this prototype of a bricklaying robot.

Scammers target users by posing as the Federal Court

Matt Blowes  August 04, 2016 Security

Criminals are tricking unsuspecting people by posing as the Federal Circuit Court of Australia with a malicious email posing as a notice to appear in court.

Privacy tips for businesses from Census 2016

Matt Blowes  August 03, 2016 IT Trends, Security

Learn how data privacy concerns between clients and businesses can be relieved by sticking to established good IT practices.

Xero brings big data to small business with Power BI

Matt Blowes  July 27, 2016 Cloud Services, Improvement

Xero and Microsoft Power BI are now integrated. Find out what it means and how it can enable business improvement in moments.

Sentrian's expanding Service Desk

James Sowry  July 25, 2016 News & Announcements

Introducing the newest members of Sentrian's expanding service desk team.

Start conference calls from any device

Matt Blowes  July 20, 2016 Technology, Connectivity, Hardware, IT Trends

Being able to walk into a conference room and start a call with a device you understand is now possible with the Jabra Speak 810.

Windows as a Service arrives

Matt Blowes  July 13, 2016 IT Trends

Microsoft has finally confirmed Windows as a Service (WaaS) is coming soon. Enterprise customers can expect to be able to sign-up by the end of the year.

Is it time for Australia's voting system to experience digital disruption?

Matt Blowes  July 06, 2016 Opinion

Electronic voting is a form of automation. Could this digital disruption improve the integrity and speed of elections in Australia?

Meet our new Service Desk Team Leader

Matt Blowes  July 06, 2016 News & Announcements

After a rigorous search for a new Service Desk Team Leader, we are proud to announce our own Ralph Sleeman has taken up the reins!

Can you pick the real email from the scam?

Matt Blowes  June 29, 2016 Security

Can you pick the real email from the scam? Learn how to spot the imposter to help protect your organisation from malicious emails.

Election 2016: Who is best for the NBN?

Matt Blowes  June 29, 2016 Opinion

What is the NBN? Which technology is best? Who is more capable at running the project? We help you cut through the confusion and know the basics of the NBN.

Microsoft celebrating 1 year of Windows 10 with Anniversary Update

Matt Blowes  June 28, 2016 Technology

Windows 10 is turning one in just over a month and Microsoft is marking the milestone by adding welcome new features. Check out the Anniversary Update here.

One desk, one headset

Matt Blowes  June 22, 2016 Hardware, IT Trends

Imagine walking into your office each day knowing you have a single point of contact. No more juggling multiple devices – all your calls on the one headset.

Microsoft bought LinkedIn for it's (your) data

Matt Blowes  June 15, 2016 IT Trends

How Microsoft's purchase of LinkedIn could dramatically change the way we interact with our Office programs.

Learn from the AWS cloud outage, before it happens again

Matt Blowes  June 15, 2016 Cloud Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Managed Services

With more rain forecast to hit the east coast, learn how your business can be prepared for a cloud outage no matter the circumstances.

Respond, Recover, React: 3 steps to survive the ransomware epidemic

Graeme Wilson  June 10, 2016 Technology, Security

Ransomware frequently targets businesses. Sentrian engineers outline three steps to survive the ransomware epidemic - respond, recover & react.

Where to start with automation

Matt Blowes  June 03, 2016 Technology, Improvement, IT Trends, Sentrian One

Automation has the potential to change the way we work forever. Yet many are in the dark about how it works. Find out where to start.

We're heading to ALPMA Summit 2016 – A Blueprint for Change

Matt Blowes  June 01, 2016 News & Announcements, Legal, Sentrian One

We're heading to ALPMA Summit 2016 – A Blueprint for Change

Microsoft bans obvious passwords

Matt Blowes  June 01, 2016 Security

Microsoft bans common passwords from its services as a new spat of ransomware attacks Australian businesses.

Take back your deskspace with our new mini-PCs

Matt Blowes  June 01, 2016 Technology, Hardware, Sentrian One

See how Sentrian's Standard Technology Stack workstation, the HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Desktop Mini, can free up your desk so you can focus on what matters most.

Google I/O 2016 Round-up: The end of passwords?

Matt Blowes  May 25, 2016 Technology, IT Trends, Security

Learn how Google plans to replace your Android's password, the next step for virtual reality & how you can use Android Auto in any car.

Last chance for free Windows 10 upgrade

Matt Blowes  May 18, 2016 IT Trends, Opinion

Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrade offer is quickly coming to a close. Should your business upgrade before the July 29 cut-off?

Software licensing crackdown increasing

Matt Blowes  May 18, 2016 Technology, IT Trends

Businesses are facing increasing scrutiny and fines as high as $100,000 to ensure their software licensing obligations are kept up-to-date.

Prepare for the unexpected

Matt Blowes  May 10, 2016 Backup and Disaster Recovery

Prevent disruption to your business and develop a disaster recovery plan.

Stopping malware: Application Whitelisting

Graeme Wilson  May 04, 2016 Digital Strategy, Security, Sentrian One

Application whitelisting. What it is, how it works and how it can form part of your IT security kit toward preventing malware.

3 ways to keep your IT project on track

James Sowry  May 01, 2016 Digital Strategy, Improvement, Legal

IT projects offer businesses a clear pathway to improvement from the ground up and lasting change can be accomplished at a set pace.

Law firms in the dark over security breaches

Matt Blowes  April 27, 2016 Security, Legal

Law firms are staggeringly unaware when their IT security breach, and generally find out only after being contacted by a third party.

Keys to sparking change at your firm

James Sowry  April 21, 2016 Improvement, Legal

You are a leader in a law firm responsible to a group of partners. You're ready to implement an improvement plan to create change. Find out where to start.

Outlook users with Office 365 gain exclusive email security feature

Matt Blowes  April 20, 2016 Technology, Security

Safety Tips will offer Microsoft Outlook users a greater level of security certainty when using their email accounts but only for Office 365 subscribers.

Prioritising practice improvement

James Sowry  April 14, 2016 Improvement, Legal

The 4 considerations that will help law firm leaders when prioritising practice improvement. Decide which ideas to implement for business improvement.

The Blue Screen of Death may soon become helpful

Matt Blowes  April 13, 2016 Technology, IT Trends

Microsoft is introducing QR codes to help users diagnose BSOD issues however they usefulness isn't guaranteed.

Strategic planning enables improvement with technology

Matt Blowes  April 07, 2016 Improvement, Legal, Sentrian One

Find out some essential tips and steps toward understanding why strategic planning is vital in establishing effective business improvement practices.

How to take legal tech to the next step

Matt Blowes  March 30, 2016 Improvement, Legal

A business improvement strategy is the key to pairing new legal technologies with demands to clients and increased competition.

Meet Apple's new robot 'Liam'

Matt Blowes  March 23, 2016 Technology, Hardware, IT Trends

Meet Apple's new robot 'Liam'

Why some spam emails make it to your inbox

Bas van Nunen  March 17, 2016 IT Trends, Security, Sentrian One

Discovering a spam email inside your inbox can be an unsettling surprise. We explain how spam can sneak through even the best internet security measures.

Always contact our Service Desk first

Bas van Nunen  March 16, 2016 Managed Services, Sentrian One

No matter the size of your IT issue, always make the Sentrian Service Desk your first point of contact.

How to make the Backup 3-2-1 Rule work

Matt Blowes  March 09, 2016 Backup and Disaster Recovery, Security, Sentrian One

Australia is No.3 in the world for falling victim to ransomware attacks. Learn how the 3-2-1 rule for effective backup can protect your office.

Snapchat hit as social engineering attacks rake in $2.8bn

Matt Blowes  March 02, 2016 Security

Learn how a dedicated internal communications platform can help your business falling victim to a social engineering attack.

How your business can have stand-out virtual meetings

Matt Blowes  February 29, 2016 Technology, Collaboration, IT Trends

Find out what to look for and how to make online video calls more interesting when choosing a virtual meeting provider.

MWC 2016: Samsung & LG unveil new flagship phones

Matt Blowes  February 24, 2016 Technology, Hardware

Find out everything you need to know from the new Samsung and LG flagship phones presented at MWC 2016 in Barcelona.

How to talk to your IT systems

James Sowry  February 18, 2016 Digital Strategy, Improvement, Opinion, Legal

Talking to your IT systems is possible and they offer an unparalleled insight into how your business operates and how it can be improved.

Sentrian achieves AWS Consulting Partner accreditation

Matt Blowes  February 18, 2016 News & Announcements, Sentrian One

Sentrian is now a standard consulting partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing us to better transition workloads and applications into the AWS cloud.

Case-study: How Sentrian cut the cord

Matt Blowes  February 17, 2016 Cloud Services, Connectivity

Sentrian have kicked the desk phone to the curb. Find out how we did it & just how easy it can be for your office to switch to unified communications.

Sentrian Data Centre lights up Sydney

James Sowry  February 10, 2016 News & Announcements, Sentrian One

Sentrian's Sydney Data Centre is now live. Our secure, cloud-based infrastructure is now more accessible than ever for clients across NSW.

Apple recalls huge number of Australia power adapters

Matt Blowes  February 03, 2016 Hardware

Apple recalls huge number of Australia power adapters

One step to place your business ahead of the pack

Matt Blowes  February 03, 2016 Cloud Services, Improvement

The cloud benefits SMBs across the board. No matter the industry, you risk being left behind by competitors who have taken advantage of cloud computing.

IT spending reveals where businesses are failing in 2016

Matt Blowes  January 29, 2016 IT Trends, Security

The Spiceworks' 2016 State of IT report shows flat IT spending is pointing toward a year of high risks and missed opportunities.

Microsoft recalling Surface Pro power cords

Matt Blowes  January 27, 2016 Technology, Hardware

Surface Pro owners who purchased their devices before 15 July 2015 should immediately stop charging their devices and start a free replacement cord order.

SME innovation led by technology

Matt Blowes  January 25, 2016 Digital Strategy

New research from MYOB Business Monitor reveals that SME innovation is high a high priority, being led by investment in technology.

The 25 worst passwords of 2015

Matt Blowes  January 23, 2016 IT Trends, Security

Splashdata's annual "Worst Passwords List" offers few surprises. The top 25 most common passwords chosen by users are both are obvious and easily hacked.

How a 350-person company ditched desktop PCs

Matt Blowes  January 20, 2016 BYOD, IT Trends, Managed Services, Sentrian One

The 350-person NSW Cancer Council is replacing desktops and phones with notebooks, tablets and Skype. Your business can innovate with BYOD too.

Law firms aware but ignoring security risks

Matt Blowes  January 13, 2016 Security, Legal

Legal professionals are largely aware the threat online criminals pose to their IT systems. Yet adequate security measures often go unimplemented.

Social engineering attacks on the rise

Matt Blowes  January 12, 2016 Security

Social engineering is a sophisticated technique scammers use to bypass IT security & trick employees into revealing confidential business information.

Does your firm have a '.law' address yet?

Matt Blowes  January 06, 2016 IT Trends, Legal

The new domain address suffix '.law' is now available exclusively for qualified legal professionals with popular addresses still unclaimed.

Making out-of-office messages come to life

Matt Blowes  December 23, 2015 How To

Microsoft is making out-of-office messages easier on the eye with customisable images. Create your own photo auto-reply here!

Legal IT: Opportunity or burden for law firms?

James Sowry  December 22, 2015 IT Trends, Opinion, Legal

Legal IT is a divisive issue. This article explores why IT has become a source of daily bugbears for law firms & how to see legal IT as an opportunity.

How to avoid Christmas scams

Matt Blowes  December 16, 2015 Security

Scammers are waiting to pounce in the end of year rush. Find out the current threats and how to avoid Christmas scams.

Sentrian’s Christmas 2015 Gadget Guide

Matt Blowes  December 15, 2015 Technology

Christmas is here and 2015 has brought plenty of great new devices. Here's our Gadget Guide for this year's holiday season.

Cortana now integrated with Power BI

Matt Blowes  December 09, 2015 Digital Strategy, Improvement, Managed Services, Sentrian One

Business improvement insights are right at your fingertips with Cortana integrated with Power BI.

Ransomware awareness not stopping breaches

Matt Blowes  December 02, 2015 Backup and Disaster Recovery, How To, Managed Services, Security

Awareness of IT security threats is only one part in keeping a business secure. Preventing ransomware can be done in just four simple steps.

The Cloud is mission-critical ready

James Sowry  November 25, 2015 Cloud Services, IT Trends, Managed Services, Opinion

Enterprise now points to the cloud as its solution for many mission-critical workloads. Don't get caught playing catch-up, the cloud is now the norm.

A disciplined approach to business improvement

Merryl Macleod  November 25, 2015 Improvement

Sentrian’s Improvement Management Office (IMO) offers the tools, process and support to affect real and continuous business improvement.

Choose a mini PC to declutter your workspace & get more done

James Sowry  November 18, 2015 Technology, Hardware, Sentrian One

Declutter & boost productivity with mini PC & dual monitor workstations. Sentrian's Standard Technology Stack has 3 options based on the HP EliteDesk 800.

Productivity tips for your workspace

Matt Blowes  November 18, 2015 Technology, BYOD, Hardware, Sentrian One

The right tools and feeling comfortable are the keys to boosting your productivity and it starts right at your desk.

You have the data, but do you know how to use it?

James Sowry  November 13, 2015 Improvement, Opinion

Apply simple visualisation tools, like Power BI, to turn data into actionable knowledge and make the leap from running IT to using it strategically

Attackers are targeting Australians with malicious Word attachments

Bas van Nunen  November 11, 2015 Security

Attackers are targeting Australians with malicious Word attachments

'Should I upgrade to Windows 10 now?'

Matt Blowes  November 04, 2015 Opinion

'Should I upgrade to Windows 10 now?'

Pushing aside fear to reach innovation

Merryl Macleod  October 28, 2015 Digital Strategy, Improvement

Pushing aside fear to reach innovation

Small businesses ignoring IT security

Matt Blowes  October 21, 2015 IT Trends, Security

Small businesses ignoring IT security

Five big changes in IT from 2016

Matt Blowes  October 19, 2015 Technology, Opinion

Five big changes in IT from 2016

The future of Legal IT is smart …and almost paperless

Matt Blowes  October 14, 2015 Opinion, Legal

The future of Legal IT is smart …and almost paperless

Everything to know from the Windows 10 Devices Event

Matt Blowes  October 07, 2015 Hardware

Everything to know from the Windows 10 Devices Event

Taking on ‘agile, innovative and creative’ business improvement

Merryl Macleod  October 01, 2015 Opinion, Sentrian One

The digital economy offers pathways toward agile business improvement for those organisations willing & able to embrace continual digital disruption.

How to find out if your email address in a database breach

Matt Blowes  September 30, 2015 How To, Opinion, Security

How to find out if your email address in a database breach

Productive, cost effective office communications

Matt Blowes  September 30, 2015 Cloud Services, Collaboration, Sentrian One

PBX systems are cumbersome, expensive & increasingly inadequate. Hosted telephony removes these barriers and opens your office to unified communications (UC)..

What you need to know about the Office 2016 launch

Matt Blowes  September 23, 2015 Technology, News & Announcements

What you need to know about the Office 2016 launch

Ransomware Alert: Australia Post

Matt Blowes  September 23, 2015 Security

Ransomware Alert: Australia Post

Technology Led Differentiation

James Sowry  September 22, 2015 Opinion, Legal

Technology led differentiation was the key message for Sentrian's James Sowry at this year's ALPMA Summit. He explores how law firms can innovate & grow.

Office 2016 arriving September 22

Matt Blowes  September 16, 2015 Cloud Services, Technology

Office 2016 arriving September 22

The right tools for BYOD

Matt Blowes  September 14, 2015 BYOD, Managed Services

The right tools for BYOD

We are at the ALPMA Summit

Matt Blowes  September 10, 2015 News & Announcements, Legal

We are at the ALPMA Summit

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro, and other new Apple devices

Matt Blowes  September 10, 2015 Technology

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro, and other new Apple devices

VMware offers new app access management tool

Matt Blowes  September 07, 2015 BYOD, Managed Services

A ‘single sign-on experience’ for employees is one of the key announcements from this year’s VMworld in California.

21 keyboard shortcuts to make Windows 10 faster

Matt Blowes  September 02, 2015 Technology, How To

21 keyboard shortcuts to make Windows 10 faster

Technology driving Legal workflow and management innovation

Matt Blowes  August 26, 2015 IT Trends, Legal

Technology driving Legal workflow and management innovation

ALPMA Summit 2015 - Tomorrow’s Firm: Digital, Divergent, Differentiated

Sophia Byrne  August 19, 2015 News & Announcements, Legal

Sentrian is a proud sponsor of the 2015 ALPMA Summit. This annual three-day gathering will explore, examine and investigate issues facing law firms today.

Making BYOD work for your business

Matt Blowes  August 19, 2015 BYOD

Making BYOD work for your business

Five stages of a malware attack

Matt Blowes  August 18, 2015 Security

Malware can infect your computer in just 0.5 seconds – track the stages from entry to execution in this helpful infographic.

Shadow IT is undermining your business

Matt Blowes  August 13, 2015 Cloud Services, Security

Shadow IT is undermining your business

Four ways BYOD can improve your business

Matt Blowes  August 11, 2015 BYOD

Four ways BYOD can improve your business

Cryptolocker now hiding in fake Windows 10 Upgrade email

Matt Blowes  August 05, 2015 Security

Cryptolocker now hiding in fake Windows 10 Upgrade email

Spam, malware and other helpful definitions

Matt Blowes  August 03, 2015 How To, Security

Spam, malware and other helpful definitions

Windows 10 is here

Matt Blowes  July 29, 2015 Technology

Windows 10 is here

Cryptowall Malware: and what it's costing you

Bas van Nunen  July 23, 2015 Opinion, Security

In this infographic we explain how malware attacks can affect you based on stats from our own Service Desk,& explore what you can do to prevent falling victim.

BYOD – Where to Start

Matt Blowes  July 22, 2015 BYOD

BYOD – Where to Start

Legal firms target new technology

James Sowry  July 20, 2015 Technology, Legal

New technology offers a pathway for increasing growth and improving productivity in a profession traditionally hesitant to change.

Spotting a Cryptowall Email

Matt Blowes  July 15, 2015 Security

Cryptowall ransomware attacks are delivered through malicious emails. We step through one recent example to highlight the telltale signs of a scam.

Legal Firm Embraces Cloud Computing

James Sowry  July 14, 2015 Legal

Legal Firm Embraces Cloud Computing

When you should get Windows 10

Graeme Wilson  July 11, 2015 How To, Opinion

When you should get Windows 10

Cryptowall targeting Australian businesses again

Matt Blowes  July 08, 2015 Security

Cryptowall targeting Australian businesses again

Office 365 the clear solution for businesses

Matt Blowes  July 01, 2015 Cloud Services

Office 365 the clear solution for businesses

Windows 10 Upgrade Guide – who gets it for free and what version

Matt Blowes  June 24, 2015 Technology, How To

There has been considerable confusion over who can upgrade to Windows 10 for free from July 29. Here's a run-down on how the upgrade works.

Get your business on Google

Matt Blowes  June 22, 2015 Digital Strategy

Get your business on Google

Should you use a password manager?

Matt Blowes  June 18, 2015 How To, Security

Should you use a password manager?

Samsung unveils transparent and mirrored displays

Matt Blowes  June 15, 2015 Technology

Samsung unveils transparent and mirrored displays

NBN rollout contracts now based on performance

Matt Blowes  June 11, 2015 Technology

NBN rollout contracts now based on performance

Securing your business in the face of cyber-threats

Matt Blowes  June 11, 2015 Managed Services, Security

Securing your business in the face of cyber-threats

Leap Second may hit businesses in June

Matt Blowes  June 04, 2015

Leap Second may hit businesses in June

Messaging bug may restart your iPhone

Matt Blowes  May 29, 2015 Technology, Security

Messaging bug may restart your iPhone

Law Firms and the Cloud

Matt Blowes  May 28, 2015 Cloud Services, Opinion, Legal

Law Firms and the Cloud

Technology News for Law Firms

James Sowry  May 21, 2015 Legal

For law firm leaders charged with managing all things tech, we've compiled a list of some of the leading writers & thinkers on the current & future of legal IT.

Test your password strength

Matt Blowes  May 21, 2015 Security

Test your password strength

Take advantage of the $20,000 instant asset write-off

Matt Blowes  May 21, 2015 Technology

Take advantage of the $20,000 instant asset write-off

New malware threatens to destroy your PC if you try to detect it

Matt Blowes  May 18, 2015 Security

New malware threatens to destroy your PC if you try to detect it

Breaking Bad-themed ransomware targets Australians

Matt Blowes  May 14, 2015 Security

Breaking Bad-themed ransomware targets Australians

Become an email security expert

Bas van Nunen  May 14, 2015 How To, Security

Become an email security expert

Try out the Office 2016 Public Preview

Matt Blowes  May 07, 2015 Cloud Services

Try out the Office 2016 Public Preview

Goodbye Internet Explorer, Hello Edge

Matt Blowes  May 04, 2015 Technology

Goodbye Internet Explorer, Hello Edge

Make the most of Siri

Matt Blowes  April 30, 2015 Technology, How To

Siri is now much more useful & powerful than when it launched in 2011. Apple has introduced new features with each iOS update iOS 8.3 is no exception.

Australian Federal Police warn against scam traffic infringement emails

Site Administrator  April 29, 2015 Security

Australian Federal Police have warned that anyone receiving traffic fines via email should delete them immediately.

Going green with technology

Site Administrator  April 23, 2015

Going green with technology

Avoiding IT cost blow outs

Matt Blowes  April 21, 2015 Cloud Services, Managed Services

Avoiding IT cost blow outs

Make sure your business is discoverable on-the-go

Matt Blowes  April 16, 2015 Digital Strategy

Make sure your business is discoverable on-the-go

Office Lens arrives on iOS and Android

Matt Blowes  April 09, 2015 Technology

You can scan and import almost anything onto your phone and into Microsoft Office with the new Office Lens app.

Comparing Amazon Web Services and on-premises

Matt Blowes  April 09, 2015 Cloud Services

The many options available in AWS can make cost comparison difficult. Use this True Cost of Ownership calculator to compare AWS with your current on-prem IT.

NBN plans to reach 550,000 new premises

Matt Blowes  April 07, 2015 Technology

NBN plans to reach 550,000 new premises

Surface 3 available for pre-order

Matt Blowes  April 02, 2015 Technology

Surface 3 available for pre-order

Subscribe or Buy?

James Sowry  April 01, 2015 Cloud Services, Opinion

Lengthy capital expenditure approval processes to buy hardware & software licences up front are being replaced by 'pay as you go’ subscriptions. Which is best?

Countdown on to the AWS Partner Summit 2015

Matt Blowes  March 26, 2015 News & Announcements

Countdown on to the AWS Partner Summit 2015

Beware: Cryptowall ransomware is on the attack again

Bas van Nunen  March 25, 2015 News & Announcements, Opinion, Sentrian One

Beware: Cryptowall ransomware is on the attack again

Comparing Cloud v's On-Premise IT

James Sowry  March 19, 2015 Cloud Services, Opinion

Making sound business decisions requires first a basic understanding of cloud v's on-premise models and the pros and cons of each.

Windows 10 coming this winter, will be free for pirates

Matt Blowes  March 19, 2015 Technology

Windows 10 coming this winter, will be free for pirates

Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life is rapidly approaching

Matt Blowes  March 19, 2015 Managed Services

Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life is rapidly approaching

What is USB Type-C?

Matt Blowes  March 12, 2015 Technology, IT Trends

What is USB Type-C?

Are you vulnerable to FREAK?

Graeme Wilson  March 12, 2015 Security

FREAK is the latest eye-catching security flaw affecting secure connections across the world following last year’s OpenSSL vulnerability, Heartbleed.

Distributed teams turn to hosted telephony

Matt Blowes  March 05, 2015 Cloud Services, Collaboration

The traditional landline phone looks to be going the way of the fax machine as more Australian businesses turn to hosted telephony and unified communications platforms to support an increasingly distr

Personalised jetpacks are finally becoming a reality

Matt Blowes  March 02, 2015 Technology

We can soon say we’re living in the future… but at a high price.

Recover from disaster without a plan

Matt Blowes  February 26, 2015 Backup and Disaster Recovery

Hit by disaster without a recovery plan? This quick checklist can help your business get back on its feet.

Smashed your smartphone? Here are your options

Matt Blowes  February 18, 2015 Technology, How To

Smashed your smartphone? Here are your options

Office Online v Office 365

Matt Blowes  February 12, 2015 Cloud Services, Office 365

Office Online v Office 365

How to make your iPhone more secure

Matt Blowes  February 11, 2015 Security

By taking a few simple steps, you can make your iPhone more secure than others and make it less likely to be attacked by criminals.

Introducing BYOD leads to fewer IT support calls

Robert Wilkinson  February 05, 2015 Managed Services

Recent research has found that nearly 40 per cent of people using their own mobile devices at work had IT issues "much less often" compared to those with company-supplied devices.

IBS InfoTech is now Sentrian

James Sowry  February 05, 2015 News & Announcements

IBS InfoTech is now Sentrian.

Surface Hub aims to be the complete Office collaboration tool

Matt Blowes  February 04, 2015 Technology

Conferencing is starting to look futuristic and easy.

Understanding the Cloud in 2015

Matt Blowes  January 28, 2015 Cloud Services

Understanding the Cloud in 2015

Put your business on the map

Matt Blowes  January 28, 2015 Digital Strategy

Put your business on the map

Review: The Windows 10 January Event

Matt Blowes  January 22, 2015

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 event included major new features like free upgrades, universal apps and even holograms.

What to do when your laptop gets wet

Russall Whiting  January 17, 2015 Technology, How To, Sentrian #AMA

What to do when your laptop gets wet

Windows 7 Mainstream Support Ends

Graeme Wilson  January 16, 2015 News & Announcements

Microsoft’s makes Windows 7 a lower priority.

USBs, Walkmans, Cars and Samsung being weird: It’s CES 2015

Matt Blowes  January 07, 2015 Technology

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is here and despite lacklustre anticipation, some interesting tech has been revealed. Here are some of the highlights.

2015 is the year of Office 365

Matt Blowes  January 07, 2015 Cloud Services

Stay up-to-date and safe with Office 365.

Thank you for your support in 2014

James Sowry  December 10, 2014 News & Announcements

You've reviewed us and we are again proud to say thank you for choosing Sentrian. Microsoft recently surveyed a number of our clients and the feedback we've received is overwhelmingly positive.

Business IT Security in 2015

Matt Blowes  December 04, 2014 IT Trends, Security

IT security and privacy has taken a few hits over the last year or so. Whether it's the Snowden leaks, the Heartbleed bug or now the attack on Sony, confidence in IT security is pretty low.

IT Trends in 2015

Matt Blowes  November 25, 2014 IT Trends

The top trend predictions for business IT are coming in thick and fast. Here we summarise some of the key predictions for 2015 from industry analysts and journalists.

Tips for solving IT problems quickly

Graeme Wilson  November 20, 2014 Managed Services, Sentrian One

Tips for solving IT problems quickly. Who, What, How - get the facts together for a faster response

Introducing BYOD to your workplace

Robert Wilkinson  November 19, 2014 Technology

Introducing BYOD to your workplace

Microsoft Lync 2015 is now Skype for Business

Matt Blowes  November 13, 2014 Technology, Collaboration

Microsoft rebrands its business communications tool to the more consumer recognisable Skype name.

The Wrap: 'Office Everywhere'

Matt Blowes  November 12, 2014 Cloud Services, Technology, Collaboration

Microsoft wants you to view and edit Office documents on any device you own. See the latest announcements in our November wrap-up.

Looking back on the 2014 IT Predictions

Matt Blowes  November 05, 2014 IT Trends

The Halloween costumes have been packed away and Christmas gift guides are filling inboxes everywhere which means it won't be long before industry analysts and IT media begin their list of predictions